€ 2,500,000
280 m²
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  • 4 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • 6210 garages
  • 280 m²
  • € 2,500,000

Aurelio Galfetti, architect of Swiss origin and the leading exponent of 20th century architecture in Ticino, who, together with Mario Botta, founded the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, designed this incredible villa, giving life to a unique living space project in his gender.

In the western part of the island, in a breathtaking scenery and in front of one of the most spectacular sunsets of the Cyclades, the great house finds its perfect integration with the surrounding territory and in the minimal impact on the landscape its most significant architectural connotation.

Two large volumes separated by a large empty space, which the white color makes almost metaphysical, are intended respectively for the owners and their guests.

A dazzling white, interrupted here and there by few concessions to color, is the dominant color note: the rooms are all communicating with each other in an original alternation of full and empty, patios and rooms with a continuous exchange between inside and outside that makes of the house a true open space.

Even from the upstream room, compared to the bay on which the structure juts out, you can enjoy the sea view thanks to the package windows that make up the only diaphragm between the different rooms. Two large dactyl palm trees stand on the west side, the one overlooking the sea, like two sentinels guarding this singular “agora ” contemporary.



Land of ownership: 6210.10 m2

Residential area: 279.67 m²

Outdoor spaces: 531.35 m²

Cellar / laundry room: 49.76 m²

Total living area: 860.78 m²


Distance from the beach: 320 m

Distance to the airport: 4 km

Distance from the port: 5 km


Reference: DM_1828